What To Expect

What can I expect when I visit First Assembly Memphis?

  • That’s a good question! Here are a few answers for the most common questions about visiting First Assembly Memphis!

What are the messages like?

  • We believe in teaching from the Word of God, the Bible. Pastor Lindberg uses illustrations, media, and humor to bring the Bible to life in a current and relevant form.

What is your music like?

  • The First Assembly Memphis praise and worship experience is primarily a pursuit of God’s presence. Our music exalts the character of our Lord through various styles. We pursue His presence through extravagant worship, with the contribution of different cultures and creative excellence. Our ultimate goal and responsibility is to continually usher in the presence of the Lord and facilitate an anointed time of praise and worship, upholding a standard of excellence in music as we minister for His honor and glory.

Is childcare provided?

  • Nursery, preschool and childcare ministries are provided during all services for children birth through age twelve. Our childcare programs provide a warm and caring environment for each child. It is staffed by paid and volunteer workers. Each class includes a wide variety of activities appropriate for each age group.

What denomination is First Assembly Memphis?

  • First Assembly Memphis is associated with the Assemblies of God and we ascribe to 16 tenets of faith.

What should I wear?

  • Jesus accepts you just as you are, and so do we! We believe in modesty and decency, but there is no dress code required for you to be accepted into our family of believers. Some people come in their Sunday best while others in jeans and t-shirts; it’s really up to you.

How long should I plan to be there?

  • Our Sunday morning service times at First Assembly Memphis are 10:45 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Each service lasts approximately 1hr 15mins. After the service we encourage you to meet Pastor Lindberg, get connected, and receive a complimentary gift from one of our hospitality hosts.

Do I need to give money?

  • There is no financial expectation of our guests. However, as a church, we strongly believe that “where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” (Matthew 6:21). By tithing, giving offering to building projects, missions and benevolence, you will experience great blessings from God.

Where do I park?

  • We have two convenient parking lots on each side of the facility. In fact, close-up parking spots are reserved just for our first time guests.
First Assemply Memphis
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      8650 Walnut Grove Road
      Cordova, TN 38018

      Sunday Bible Study Groups: 9:30am
      Sunday Morning Worship: 10:45am
      Sunday Celebration Worship: 6:00pm
      Wednesday Evening Activities: 6:30pm

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