Prayer Requests

Praise & Prayer Make A Difference!

               “I am praying to You because I know You will answer, O God.                      Bend down and listen as I pray.”  Psalm 17.6

Members Who Need God’s Help:

Regina Newman- Gravely ill

Joyce Coscia– Severe headaches caused by tumor

Ailene DiGirolamo- Complications from Chemo

Susan Burgett- Severe pain in hands

Carol Taran-Heart issues

Upcoming surgeries:

Wayne Alberson  – Revovering from ankle surgery

Ben Marquass – Neck surgery August 19

Ray Snyder – Knee replacement August 20

Friends We’re Asking God to Visit:

Michael Tullos

Trey Joyner- Relative of a friend of Becky Pollard; Guillain-Barre’ syndrome

Richard Busby – Friend of church member; Cancer

Jackie Ashpole — doing rehab at home

Jean Qualls grandson – recently deployed – very ill

Dale & Emily Sanders son hospitalized in Covington – very ill

Brenda Steen – Very ill

*Please continue to remember Richard Hardy and his family in prayer.  His last remaining brother passed away.

 Service was Wednesday.

 *Cecil Tompkins cancer has returned.  Doctors are searching for treatment options.

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Hospitals – August 2019

                     Members In The Hospital                        Who Count On Your Prayers


MG-Ailene DiGirolamo – 302 Pavilion

SFP-Linda Moxley – 

TH- Max Oliver- Room 5925; Father of Janet Adair

MDA- Regina Newman-Desperately ill



BROOKDALE- Bill Dawejko

  • BE- Baptist East
  • SFP-St. Francis Park
  • TH- Trinity Hospice House – Collierville
  • MDA- MD Anderson
  • MG- Methodist Germantown 

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Showers and Celebrations

Please join us for these celebrations! Wedding Shower for Nicole Hale & Christian Gray – 8/22 Baby Shower for Marie (Strickland) Burbeck – 9/19. Both events will be held at the church and begin at 6:30pm.

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